Intoxicating Pleasure

In the midst of the chaos that is my mind, you will calm the storm

I need no rational, no distractions, no temporary relief

I need you.

As you caress my face and wipe away my tears, I feel Nirvana

You are my mother, loving me unconditionally

You are my father, showing me I can be strong even at my weakest

You are my lover, proving even I am capable of compassion

You are my light, guiding me through the darkness

You are mine.

To say I NEED you is terrifying

You can betray me and hurt me like I’ve always been

In reality, its not you I need

I yearn for the love my mother never gave me.

I wander endlessly in search for my fathers guidance

I crave a vision of a better me, one that lacks immensely.

You have the weight of MY world on YOUR shoulders

For that I can never repay you

But I can promise you this

In your darkest times, I will be your light

When you need guidance, I will be your map

When you feel hopeless, I will be your eternal source of love

I will become every pleasure that life has stripped from you

I may feel broken, but for you I will be strong.

You have taught me how.

“When you and I stand strong together no one here on earth can stop us.”

-Rahul Singh



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