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Fright Night

When I watch a horror movie, I always need my blanket, my teddy bear, and a human body to hide behind. The eerie music will hum and I will cover my ears and eyes in fear of a jump scare. I can feel the hair on the back of my neck shoot outwards in anticipation of impending doom that may or may not linger around every corner. Sweat will dampen my skin, regardless of how cold it might be. My heart pulsates violently against my chest, as if I were in actual danger.

Once the movie is over, I am left with nothing but the even more horrifying thoughts of the human mind. The monster under the bed seems even more real than when I was a child, asking my parents to check the closet. All door, windows, blinds, and crevices must be plugged so that no creatures can linger in the shadows. Spiritual items will find themselves around my neck in the hopes that any movie related evil spirits will not infiltrate the internal temple of my soul. I am so vulnerable.

I love it.

The adrenaline rushing through my veins, filling me with life. The primal instincts of “fight or flight” have been reintroduced because I know that when things begin to go downhill, I will be ready. I have never felt so alive! The fear, the panic, and the anxiety fills the void that can not be filled by everyday comforts that we indulge in from 8AM to bedtime. In my college life, the most excitement I feel is the sense of achievement when I get a perfect score on my exam, so a little uncomfortableness from a movie is a great way to unwind!

One final note is that, the fear and anxiety from watching a scary movie can be much more comically satisfying when watching it with a friend who gets scared by their own sneeze! There is nothing like scaring the heck out of your best friend! Am I right?

This is my writing prompt to Fright Night Enjoy!